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La Banquise

Popular 24/7 diner in Montréal known for its extensive selection of poutine, the classic Canadian dish featuring fries, cheese curds, and gravy.

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If we know one thing for sure, it’s that Montréalers love poutine. For those who don’t reside in the Northeast, here’s the scoop: poutine is a staple Quebec dish that consists of hot greasy french fries, squeaky cheese curds, and a healthy heap of fresh brown gravy. Sound gross? Yep. Absolutely delicious? You bet. If you’re seeking the full Montréal poutine experience, La Banquise is the spot to hit. This bright and colorful restaurant has an extensive menu (we’re talkin’ 30+ unique poutine dishes), vegan options, and really cool late-night vibes (did we mention they’re open 24/7?). How to: To wait in line at La Banquise during peak times (dinner to late night, Friday- Sunday) is actually crazy. You can pretty much always expect a winding line of hungry bellies down the sidewalk. Speaking from personal experience, this is pretty miserable during the winter, so shoot to visit during the week, and lunch might be best.

leah 5 years ago

What is the ultimate go-to night out comfort food in Quebec? Poutine! You can't go to Montreal, or Canada at that without trying this classic French-Canadian dish. Made traditionally of fries with gravy and cheese curds- the dish is versatile and part of the fun is trying different topping combinations. While Quebecers and poutine lovers alike often cannot agree on the best spot *everyone* agrees that La Banquise is one of the best places for tourists to hit to get authentic Quebec poutine. With a huge variety of topping options and open 24 hours- this is the place to go after the bars close. Even at 3 am there is a line-up but it’s worth the wait.

madeleineray 3 years ago

Consisting of french fries, cheese curds, luscious gravy, and endless combinations of toppings, poutine is easily one of Canada’s most emblematic dishes on an international level. The recipe remains a hallmark of Quebec cuisine, and there’s no better place to stuff your face with poutine than in Montréal. In fact, a visit to La Banquise— a restaurant famous for its radical poutine scene— is easily one of the best things to do in Montréal.

braedentg 4 years ago

Nothing says Montreal quite like a freshly cooked platter of poutine. La Banquise takes the cake for best poutine in Montreal- and they deliver. Settle down at your quarantine spot with a hearty bowl of gravy-soaked fries and squishy cheese while overlooking the picturesque streets of the city.

madeleineray 3 years ago

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