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Kaikai Kiki Gallery

Contemporary art space founded by Takashi Murakami, showcasing avant-garde artists and blending pop culture with fine art.

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For emerging contemporary artists in Tokyo, look no further than the trendy and intimate Kaikai Kiki gallery, located in the sophisticated residential area of Hiroo. On first pass, you might miss the entrance, as it is unsuspectedly hidden down a flight of stairs in an office building. The gallery was established by world-famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, with the goal of offering a more low-key experience in the city — a chance to see emerging artists’ work that has been chosen by Murakami himself (for free!). Pro Tip: Check to see if there are any opening parties at Kaikai Kiki during your stay. Openings are stocked with tasty drinks and offer the chance to interact with the art community in Tokyo. 

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Kaikai Kiki Gallery is a small basement gallery established by world-famous Japanese artist Murakami Takashi. Featuring a roster of established and newly discovered artists, the gallery has frequent events and is an intimate space off the beaten path near the Roppongi area.

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