Puerto Rico San Juan

La Factoría

  • 148 Calle San Sebastián

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Puerto Rico is full of influence from countries across Latin America. For a sip of Cuba and salsa dancing, head to La Factoria. This locally-loved speakeasy sits unmarked on a colorful corner in Old San Juan. But don’t worry, the live music spilling into the cobblestone streets will call you in. Once inside, wander through a labyrinth of six intimate bars from Café Hijos de Borinquen, the original dive bar from 1958, to El Desvío, a candlelit corner perfect for date night. 

briari 3 years ago

A secret about this bar is that you can travel from room to room and there is a totally different bar in every room. The music changes also depending on what room you are in. The drinks here are very innovative and delicious. This is a really cool place to checkout even if you aren't looking to have a drink.

loulianavoelker 3 years ago

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  • Best Restaurants in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

    loulianavoelker (Louliana Voelker)
    If you can only go to one place in Puerto Rico, come to Old San Juan. I think it is one of my favorite places I have ever visited in my entire life. Old San Juan might be one of my favorite places I have visited. Every house is painted in a different vibrant color with accents of white that outline the building. It is an entirely walkable area with cute stone streets. The food is unexplainably amazing. One of my favorite meals was a plate of fish with rice and some mini guava and cheese empanadas on the size. There are also these breads I used to get at the bakery called "Cafeteria Mallorca" in the morning. It was always busy and loved by the locals. The whole area is surrounded by the ocean which makes it even more beautiful. I could go on forever about this amazing place but no description will ever do it justice. If you ever go to Puerto Rico and can only visit one place, come to Old San Juan. Here are some of the best restaurants to eat at in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. You won't be disappointed!

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    Puerto Rico is a stunning island, and for American travelers it’s a no-passport-necessary paradise. Like much of the Caribbean, San Juan and its surrounding regions have beaches and waterfalls galore. The local cuisine is rooted in African, indigenous Taino, and European foodways and features plenty of fresh seafood, pork, plantains, rice, beans, and most importantly: […]