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Ghost River Brewery & Taproom

A local craft beer establishment known for its variety of microbrews and cozy ambiance where patrons can enjoy pints from the source.

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Ghost River believes that a combination of Memphis’ crisp tap water and the talent of their brewers makes them the best brewery in the city. Many locals would agree with them - they do make an excellent beer. The brewery is named after the Ghost River - one of the last stops before drinking water reaches the city in the Memphis Sands Aquifer. Today, Ghost River has two breweries in the city with 12 beers on tap and a rotation of seasonal brews. Both breweries have live music on occasion and their South Main location even hosts a weekly book club.

kaylee 2 years ago

Same great place, different location. If you love Ghost River Beale and what to see what else they have to offer, check out their South Main location. You’ll still get the amazing craft beer, but with trivia and food trucks!

breakfast_with_tiffani 2 years ago

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