East African country known for Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti wildlife, Zanzibar beaches, and rich cultural heritage of Swahili civilization.

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  • From beaches to nightlife: All the best things to do in exotic Zanzibar

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    Imagine an island where the azure waves kiss powdery white sands, where the scent of spices lingers in the air, and the vibrant rhythm of local music beckons as the sun dips below the horizon. That's Zanzibar for you – an exotic slice of paradise off the coast of Tanzania, brimming with culture, beauty, and adventure. From soaking up the sun on postcard-perfect beaches to dancing the night away in buzzing beachfront bars, Zanzibar offers a treasure trove of experiences. Whether you're a history buff eager to explore the winding alleys of Stone Town, an ocean lover ready to dive into the crystal-clear waters, or a foodie looking to savor the fusion of flavors, this island has it all. Let's dive into the very best things to do in Zanzibar, where every moment is a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Mount Kilimanjaro

    sereadventuresafari (Sere Avdventure safari)
    SereAdventure is a small, independent tour operator based in Moshi, Kilimanjaro. With over 10 years experience in the tourism industry, we have come to understand that everyone visiting Tanzania has their own expectations. At SereAdventure we pride ourselves in offering you a personal service that helps you realise your goal. We work closely with you to design your holiday according to your wish list, whilst considering time and budget. Our dedicated team of professionals strive to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Each and every one of them are experts in their trade and have extensive knowledge of mountain trekking and a passion for Tanzania’s wildlife. All of our mountain guides, some of whom have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro over 250 times, are highly skilled and fully licensed members of KGA (Kilimanjaro Guides Association). Our porters, without whom we would not be able to climb Kilimanjaro, are of the utmost importance to us. We provide them with essential training that not only ensures a successful trek but also provides them with future career progression. Our safari guides’ enthusiasm for wildlife and their habitats are contagious. They will share their in-depth knowledge of the different species of animals, the surrounding flora and fauna and give you an insight into Tanzania’s geological history.Our mountain and safari cooks prepare delicious meals made from local produce. They know just what you need to keep your energy levels up when trekking and provide dishes that add something special to every safari.We take great care in organising your itinerary and making every effort to give you a trip of a life time whilst maintaining an ethical and sustainable approach by respecting the land, the people and local customs.Our team is here to ensure you enjoy every minute of your time in Tanzania. Hear what our previous clients
  • 4 days 3 night safari in Tanzania

    sereadventuresafari (Sere Avdventure safari)
    Pick up at 8:30 AM from your hotel in Moshi /Arusha and depart for Tarangire National Park with a picnic lunch for a full day game drive. Tanzania’s third largest National park is known for its majestic baobab trees that dot the landscape, dwarfing the animals that feed beneath them. The Tarangire River is the centerpiece of this park which is famous for some of the largest herds of elephants in Africa. Here you may see lion, leopard, cheetah, lesser kudu, buffalo, Oryx, eland, giraffe and zebra. Post the game drive, you will head back to your camp/lodge where a delicious dinner awaits you. Day 2 - Tarangire to Central Serengeti After finishing up a good breakfast, you will head out towards the Serengeti National Park and travel in the midst of the never ending plain grasslands. The Serengeti is arguably the most impressive wildlife sanctuary in the world. You will have an afternoon game drive in the endless plains of the Serengeti for a chance to see the great herds of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles or a pride of lions lounging in the shade. A picnic lunch will be done during the day long game drive itself. The eventful day comes to an end with a heavy dinner and a good night’s rest in your accommodation. Day 3 - Central Serengeti to Ngorongoro After breakfast, you will have a morning game drive in Serengeti National Park. Later depart for Ngorongoro Conservation Area with picnic lunch. Ngorongoro Crater is the largest collapsed volcanic crater in the world and fourteen kilometers of isolated natural beauty. Ngorongoro Crater is surrounded by a ring of extinct volcanoes and the floor, dotted with watering holes, shelters some 30,000 animals. The eventful day comes to an end with a heavy dinner and a good night’s rest in your accommodation. Day 4 - Ngorongoro Crater Tour (5 hours) to Arusha On the last day of your safari, you will have an early start. Finishing up with a quick breakfast you will make an early descent at around 6:30 AM into the crater floor. The Ngorongoro Crater is the world’s largest inactive, intact and unfilled volcanic caldera. It has a massive floor of about 260 sq kms with a depth of over 2000 feet. The 5-hour game drive on the crater floor will show you a lot of animal action. Keeping the camera ready is definitely recommended. The African elephant, buffalo, Black rhino, Hippos, Hyenas, Cheetahs and Lions are found in plenty. Post the picnic lunch at the beautiful Hippo pool, you will begin a steep ascend to the top exit of the crater. This is the last leg of your safari, with a 4hr drive left to Arusha. You will be dropped off to your preferred location in Arusha by 6:00 PM in the evening. With an incredible experience and loads of memories to cherish, this is the time you bid goodbye to your team.
  • Day trip to mount Kilimanjaro 1

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    Transfer from Moshi (08:00am to 10:00am) to Marangu. Enter the park and complete your registration. Hike (medium fitness) through the rainforest for estimated 3-5 hours, till Mandara Hut (picnic lunch either in route or at Mandara Hut depending on walking pace). A side trip to Maundi Crater is a good way to see the surroundings (time and weather permitting). Descend through the forest trail back to the park gates (estimated 3-4 hours) where your driver will be waiting to transfer you back to Moshi. Approx driving distance: 1 hour to gate / 1 hour back to Moshi Approx trekking time: 6-9 hours Approx trekking distance: 14 km / 8.5mi Start Altitude: 1860m or 6100ft End Altitude: 1860m or 6100ft Highest Altitude reached: 2775m or 9105ft Altitude +gain / -loss: +915m or 3005ft / -915m or 3005ft Meals included: Picnic lunch

    sereadventuresafari (Sere Avdventure safari)
    <p>NORTHERN CICURT DAY TRIPS</p><p>Arusha NP $ 350 per person</p><p>Tarangire NP $ 450 per person</p><p>Ngorongo crater $ 830 person</p><p>Lake manyara NP $450 per person</p><p>CITY TOUR $30 per person</p><p>Local food and local life $50 per person</p><p>Mbokomu waterfall $50 per person</p><p>Mkomazi national park $250 per person</p><p>Materuni waterfall, coffee tour, kikuletwa hot springs, $100 per person</p><p>Maasai village visit, chemka hot springs with hot lunch $100 per person</p><p>Marangu waterfall $59 per person</p><p>Kilimanjaro NP $200 per person</p><p>24 hours Arusha city tour $ 205 per person</p><p>The price goes down depending to the group of people.</p>
  • Kenya and Tanzania 2022

    chiefseeker (Jody Vandergriff)
    Planning for our trip to East Africa in 2022 - I studied Swahili for 3 years in college and have yet to make it there. When Covid is over, it is finally happening!
  • Glamping Sites Around the World

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    Luxury experiences combined with getting in touch with nature- what could be a more fulfilling way to travel? Choosing your next destination for a glamping escape will be easy with our list of the best glamping sites across the globe. We chose the most gorgeous settings with amazing service and amenities, whether you want to be high in the mountains or relaxing in a tropical jungle. Enjoy our selection of glamping sites around the world.
  • Most Beautiful Sunsets Around The World

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    Every evening there is a magical display of pigmented purples and reds painting the entire sky as the sun dissolves into the distance, and while some people may take this for granted- we take aesthetics *very* seriously at Seeker (no shade). We love soaking in the warm, orangey hues of the sun while sipping on a cool cocktail beachside, and we have kept note of the most breathtaking sunsets around the world for anyone else who feels similarly. Embrace nature's most phenomenal gift, and consider these gorgeous destinations we have selected for your next life-changing sunset.
  • Pools with Views

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  • Islands to visit before I die

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    When I went to Hawaii I fell in love with the nature and the sensation of stillness. Before I die I really want to travel to other islands, expecially the most underrated ones! #SeekerChallenge
  • World Heritage Sites in Africa

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    The beautiful and rich history of the continent of Africa becomes evident in these UNESCO world heritage destinations. From the birthplace of ancient humans to vast desert landscapes, unique wildlife, and pristine coastlines, explore deep into this gorgeous continent and the history of humankind at these entirely life-changing and inspiring world heritage sites.
  • Wildlife sanctuaries that you can visit

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    Ever dreamed of wandering amidst lush greenery and coming face-to-face with nature's most majestic creatures? Wildlife sanctuaries offer just that – a chance to step into the habitats of the animal kingdom and witness the wonders of the natural world up close. These havens of biodiversity not only provide crucial protection for wildlife but also invite us humans to immerse ourselves in an experience that's both enlightening and humbling. From the roaming giants of the savannahs to the elusive predators of the dense forests, each sanctuary is a world unto itself, waiting to be explored. So, grab your binoculars and let’s take a virtual trek through some of the most amazing wildlife sanctuaries that you can actually visit. Prepare to be awed!
  • Ethical Wildlife Tourism

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    Explore the vast and friendly wildlife on this planet through these amazing ethical tourism escapades, from underwater adventures to African safaris- the options are endless. Truly life-changing experiences are available on every continent, ride on a sled with huskies in the arctic forests of Finland or volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in gorgeous Thailand. Here are our top pics of ethical wildlife destinations from around the world.
  • Do Before I Die Destinations

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    This is my big bucket list of places to see before I die. #seekerchallenge
  • Mother Nature's Finest Work

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    This week's #seekerchallenge celebrates the most naturally beautiful places on earth.
  • Ryan's Post-Covid Travel List

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    These were trips I had planned pre-Covid that I'm itchin' to finish. Who's joining me?
  • Hikes around the world

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    My bucketlist of trails to conquer one day
  • Places to See Before I Die

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    This is a work in progress list that I would constantly update as I go along :)
  • Best Island Resorts for R&R

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    What says relax better than white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and big blue skies? If you are looking to unwind at an island resort the endless options to choose from can be overwhelming. No matter which continent you seek to escape, we have collected a list of the most beautiful resorts which offer everything you need to enjoy your vacation. Here is the seeker-approved selection of the best Island Resorts for R&R in the world.
  • The Most Amazing Swimming Pools in the World

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    There is nothing that quite matches the feeling of taking a dip in clear swimming pool waters to cool off on a hot day. We are here to help you beat the heat with some of the most luxurious pools across the globe. From the infinity pool on the roof of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore to pristine mountain views at The Cambrian Adelboden in Switzerland, dive into our list of *the* most amazing swimming pools in the world.

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