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WIN Resale Shop

A nonprofit thrift store supporting women-focused programs through the sale of donated clothing, household items, and furniture.

Tips from the community

Win Resale Shop is perhaps the cheapest (best deals) thrift shop in Victoria. They have a big, but often unorganized book section, as well as a lot of CDs, tapes and some records. You'll find some pretty cool home decorative things too. And mugs, check out their coffee mugs.

the.vagrant.optimist 3 years ago

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    the.vagrant.optimist (Josh Wicks)
    Attention Thrift Shoppers. If you're new in Victoria, BC and you're looking for the best thrift shops to find those used treasures, then let this be your quintessential list. Of course, you never know what you'll find at any time, in any thrift shop, but some are more known for certain items. Have a look at each Victoria thrift shop on this list for more details. Happy hunting friends!