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20 LGBTQ+ Bloggers That Will Inspire Your Next Trip

Chantel Loura

Lisbon, Portugal

It’s the most colorful time of the year babyyyyy: Pride season! These LGBTQ+ bloggers are out here charting the globe and providing all the inspiration you need to get out of the house and onto that plane. From colorful cities and off-the-beaten-path destinations to blue oceans and picturesque mountains, these creators are making their presence known and spreading pride 365 days a year, everywhere they go. 


Ashley and Malori are two AZ-based creatives who share their experiences as plus size, LGBTQ+ travelers across their social channels (their TikTok is on fire right now). Their adventures are beyond exciting, and this newly-engaged duo have so much love for one another that you can practically feel it through your screen. 


Chris and Alex feel less like bloggers and more like your two best friends, uplifting you every chance they get. Burrito & Tortilla urge you to get out and see this gorgeous world. They both work in television, which means that their content is visually striking and crafted in a way that’s truly unique and captivating. These two live so authentically themselves that you can’t help but want to do the same after spending some time on their page. 


In his own words, Ravi is “Single, Vax’d and trekkin’ the globe” — and that he certainly does! In addition to his blog, Ravi is the travel host of Gaycation Travel Show, a series that focuses on destinations both known and off-the-beaten-path. Ravi’s personality hits you like a colorful confetti bomb. His-fun loving content is sure to pull you in, and the colorful places he explores will have you ready to go go go. 


J is incredible at conveying their truly authentic experience of living as a non-binary, fat person. Their travel advice is matched with themes of body liberation, health, and trans advocacy. Comfy Fat is about creating a world that is more accessible to fat folks, and J has an amazing Patreon that supports their ongoing work on all Comfy Fat platforms.


Ernest White II is the host of the television travel docu-series “Fly Brother.” Through his poignant storytelling and constant exploring, Ernest strives to create global friendships and show that we’re all connected. He is also the founder of Presidio Pictures, a film, television, and digital media studio centering around marginalized narratives like BIPOC and LGBTQ+.


Courtney is your virtual travel bestie, giving you all the inspiration you need. Courtney The Explorer is thoughtful, informative, thorough, relatable, and helpful. Most often she’s sharing tips for (but not limited to) solo, budget, vegan, LGBTQ+ travel, and sustainable travel. Between showing off her new home country of Mexico and sharing her experiences as an expat abroad, she’ll have you ready to book that flight and never come home.


Aria is a bold, boss babe and an advocate for the Trans community. The founder and CEO of Transgender District, her advocacy takes her all over the world where she fights passionately for Trans rights. 


Delivering constant inspiration (along with quite a few laughs), Nasir shares his first-hand experience finding odd jobs to fund his travel addiction and the adventures that follow. Nasir is currently a social media manager and digital producer for a language-learning tech company and a freelance writer. His words and adventures can be seen featured in Travel Noire, Buzzfeed, Seeker, and more!


Gabi & Shanna are the vivacious couple behind the LGBTQ+ travel blog 27travels. 27travels aims to create a more inclusive world where anyone can feel empowered to travel. For them, travel is a means of self growth and a staple in their relationship. Their vibrant content and hilarious travel videos spread so much joy and will have you adding a ton of new destinations to your bucket list. 


A self proclaimed travel addict, Tom, is the creator behind the travel blog Always A Novice. He balances life as a nurse while capturing his epic travel adventures around the world.

This fun loving duo are champions in the world of RV travel. Their real-deal approach to life on the road is informative and inspiring. Allie + Danella are on a mission to uplift the LGBTQ+ community and provide visibility within the travel industry. 


One look at her content and you’ll be convinced that Alysse is an actual rainbow in human form. Her stylish outfits and stunning travel pics create all of the visually striking content that you need in your feed, and her travel blog, Ready to Stare is a must-read. An advocate for the plus size community and the LGBTQ+ community, her messages come with purpose along with a ton of inspo for your next trip.


Bani Amor is an acclaimed gender queer travel writer and an advocate for relationships between race, place and power. They have participated in countless speaking engagements, and their work has appeared in many large publications spreading awareness towards decolonizing travel.


Dani is as kind in real life she seems in her travel blog, Globe Trotter Girls. A frontrunner in the travel industry, she’s worked tirelessly to create a space for the LGBTQ+ community, and her website provides so much information towards destinations she’s visited. 


Doug and Sanjay from The Traveling Gays have been traveling around the world together since 2009. Most recently, they are sharing their journey into fatherhood and their experiences with surrogacy.


Steph and Katie are known for celebrating their love 365 days a year. In addition to sharing thorough travel advice on their blog, Lez See The World, these two provide so much insight towards LGBTQ+ travel destinations while also creating a safe space for queer travelers. Bonus points for the amount that they show off their adorable pup, Theo!


Sion and Ben have been traveling together for nearly 12 years. The creators behind the LGBTQ+ travel blog, The Globetrotter Guys, these two wanted to help others break out of their comfort zone and travel. They do so by sharing their explorations in the hopes of breaking down barriers and making travel easier for LGBTQ+ people.


Carissa and Eugene are currently living their best life and traveling around Korea! Their perspective on living in South Korea as an LGBTQ+ couple is insightful and inspiring.

Tash is an LGBTQ+ activist and the co-founder behind the travel blog, Breaking The Distance. An inclusion and diversity advocate, Tash shares her travels while also making space to hear the experiences from people within the LGBTQ+ community.


Kyanna is a champion at showing others how to show up as their truest self. Her unapologetic attitude is both engaging and comical while her vulnerability is something any member of the LGBTQ+ community can relate to.