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Can you rent cabins in Sequoia National Park?



There are many different options for lodging in and around Sequoia National Park. Cabins are a great choice if you are looking for comfort and character while still connecting with nature. Cabins typically sell out so if you plan to go this route, book early. 

For cabins within Sequoia National Park, consider Wuksachi Lodge, located just minutes from the park’s top attractions like the Giant Forest and the General Sherman Tree. For a more rustic, glamping experience, check out Bearpaw High Sierra Camp.

Just outside of Sequoia National Park you’ll find Buckeye Tree Lodge and Cabins among others. Keep in mind that although lodging may appear just a few minutes from the park entrance, it’ll take an additional 45 minutes to get to the top attractions in Sequoia National Park.

Additional cabins can be found within Kings Canyon National Park, directly adjacent to Sequoia National Park.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, consider a night under the stars. There are numerous campground in Sequoia National Park and the surrounding area.

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