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7 of the Best Things to Do on South Africa’s Route 62

Route 62 runs across South Africa. linking the Western and Eastern Cape Provinces, providing a thin lane of black top that holds the promise of adventure and many hidden treasures. It’s not a journey that should be rushed, so roll down the windows, put a good song on the radio, and allow yourself a few […]

The Blonde Abroad’s Guide to a Weekend in Cape Town

Ever visit a place that so completely steals your heart and soul that you feel like you never want to go back home? That’s what happened to me in Cape Town. I fell in love with the magical city by the sea and lingered literally for years. I made my own home away from home […]

33 of the Best Things to Do in Cape Town

Cape Town: a coming-together of landscapes, cultures and cuisines. This unique, mesmerizing city —crowned by the magnificent Table Mountain National Park—continues to enchant everyone who visits. The Mother City has a lot to offer, from gorgeous natural getaways to multicultural city streets. If you’re looking for a perfect Cape Town itinerary (but not sure where to start), […]

Constitution Hill and 5 Other Must See Nelson Mandela Sites in South Africa

There are a number of South African museums and heritage sites you can visit if you want to celebrate our most well-known statesman, Nelson Mandela’s, centenary. But most who visit these sites are usually in search of something a little more. They’re usually looking for a way to get more closely acquainted with the man […]