In terms of weed legalization trailblazers (pun intended), Colorado is right up there with California. This 420 friendly state was the first to legalize recreational marijuana use and has developed a reputation as a stoner’s paradise. Frankly, there’s not much better than a day spent exploring Colorado’s famous national parks, followed by a show at Red Rocks — all the while enjoying some of the world’s finest bud. Due to the increasing demand for consumption spaces, there are now 420 friendly hotels and rentals as well as private membership “cannabis clubs” that offer single or multi-day memberships. With the price of an ounce coming in at just over $242, smokers will be able to stretch their dollar while exploring the natural wonders of this marijuana-friendly state. Like most of the 420 friendly states on this list, out of state travelers can purchase roughly one ounce at a time.

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