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There are legends of ghosts that roam this sparkling skyscraper in Tokyo after a fire that left 33 killed while the building was a hotel named “Hotel New Japan”. A center of popular Tokyo urban legends, there have been many witnesses who claim the building has been haunted ever since this event and due to even prior bombings from World War II.

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  • Cool Down The Summer Heat: Chillingly Haunted Tokyo Destinations

    madeleineray (Madeleine Ray)
    Nothing says Tokyo Summer like a good ghost story- the hot and humid days are believed to be best combated with chilling tales and haunted houses. In case you are looking for something to make your bones go icy and shiver, these spooky destinations across Tokyo city are sure to do the trick. Visit cursed graves, explore haunted castle ruins, and witness the birthplace of one of Japan’s most famous ghost stories of all time.

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