Balian Beach

Balian Beach is a beautiful location with waves that range from 2-12 feet so it does attract all levels of surfers. There's plenty of room, plenty of waves and the vibe is very relaxed here. It's best to go early morning before 11AM as there can be a strong onshore wind in the afternoon.

As more and more boarders hit the coves and reefs of Bukit each year, there’s a temptation to look a little further afield than usual for your Balinese surf. That’s where Balian Beach comes in. It’s only recently been discovered and remains firmly off the beaten track on account of its rugged black-sand appearance. However, the waves lick into steep wedges that crash both left and right around a river mouth. Behind them is the beginnings of a chilled-out surf village, with a few cafes and hostel camps up its sleeve.

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