Hot air balloons. Need I say more?

Cappadocia is located in central Turkey and is famous for having beautiful cave dwellings, rock formations, and hot air balloons that take flight every morning. Enjoy the plentiful outdoorsy activities offered by this destination, with a variation of hiking trails along ancient pathways and breathtaking natural scenery.

Hot air balloon, a perfect sunset a glass of wine! yes, please!

Hot air balloon rides aren’t the only way to catch the sunrise in Cappadocia! Have a need for speed? Love animals? You’re in luck. You can hop on a camel and experience a guided tour along the valley ridges. I recommend a sunrise camel ride (these tours often yield some pretty badass photos). You can also catch ATV and horseback tours any time of day, ranging from one to two hours, depending on your preferences. If you have the time, definitely give this a try. I was totally jealous of the people on horseback when I’d hiked up to the top of one of the canyons and had to make my own way down.

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