Kuta Beach

I'm sure you've heard of Kuta Beach. It's the closest, most well-know beach in Bali. The convenience of this beach makes it the best place to start your journey as a newbie surfer. If you're staying in Bali central, you can walk to Kuta Beach, rent a surfboard, and learn the basics on your own in a day. You will be amongst a lot of beginners though, but that's okay, there's plenty of space and time to surf at Kuta Beach.

Calling all beginners! Kuta is one of the best surf spots in the world if you’re looking to get your water feet. First off, it’s a beach break, which means the waves tumble onto soft sand. Second, it runs for several miles down the southwest coast of the island, so you can almost always find a little spot to call your own for the afternoon. And there are surf schools like Odyssey Surf School and board rentals aplenty, some of which even pop up right on the beachfront of Kuta Beach itself. 

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