Kuta was the first city in Bali to be hit by tourists back in the 60s and 70s, so obviously it’s one of the most developed tourist areas on the island. With rows of souvenir shops, day spas, hotel complexes, hostels, and bars, Kuta is a great choice for those looking for a sunny holiday spot without the need to see much history or culture. If your ideal day includes chilling out on a sun lounger by the beach (Kuta Beach is one of our favorite things to do in Bali), getting a $5 massage before heading out to the bars, and dancing the night away, Kuta could be the perfect place for you to stay. Check out The Stones Hotel for beach-front promenade proximity, The Hard Rock Hotel for family-friendly fun, or The Unique for an art-deco, industrial feel base.

Kuta lets you bid farewell to the Philippines and om swastiastu to Bali in a whirlwind of rooftop parties and bumping pub crawls. This is the most energetic and happening town on the whole Isle of the Gods. Legendary clubs like Sky Garden and the Engine Room pulse with shots and buckets here until the early hours. When the sun rises, everyone reaches for the surf wax and hits Kuta Beach. It’s considered the place to learn how to ride in Indo. A mere $25 gets you a lesson from a local, and the waves tend to be small, glassy, but with just enough punch!

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