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Where is Sequoia National Park?



Sequoia National Park is home to the largest trees in the world – the mighty sequoias. Located in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, it is one of the 9 national parks in the state of California. 120 miles north of Sequoia National Park is California’s crown jewel – Yosemite National Park. Bordering Sequoia National Park to the north is the lesser known Kings Canyon National Park. And 6 hours east will land you in one of the hottest places on earth – Death Valley National Park.

The unique climate of the California Sierra Nevada Mountains has given rise to the largest trees in the world. General Sherman, the world’s largest tree, is located in the Giant Forest and one of the most popular attractions at Sequoia National Park.

The closest major city to Sequoia National Park is central California’s Fresno, about an hour and a half northwest.

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