Best Hikes in Portland

Riley Roberson

If a city is by good hiking, my wife and I typically like to spend a whole day out going through trails. Portland is an incredible place to spend 75 percent urban and 25 percent hiking (or the other way around, if you really really hike). This list should feature options for short, medium, and long hikes, so you'll have plenty to choose from.

Oxbow Regional Park, Lake Oswego, Tryon Creek State Natural Area, Cape Falcon Trailhead, Mount Hood, Silver Falls State Park, Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Forest Park, Mount Tabor Park Playground

  • Oxbow Regional Park, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      Tucked into the Sandy River is the Oxbow Regional Park. You're able to truly pack up all of your equipment and take a long hike in the undeveloped area around the North Oxbow Hike, which is one of trails that make up the 12 miles of trails at this 1,000 acre spot.

  • Lake Oswego, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      South of the city is Lake Oswego, a place that doesn't come up for you as quickly as Mount Hood trails, Forest Park, and other more common spots. You get short and long hikes, as well as a true woodland feel around this lake.

  • Tryon Creek State Natural Area in Portland, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      If "Natural Area" doesn't clue you into this right away, this place is pretty dense and beautiful. If you like to hike out to a spot that feels like no one has been there in a long time, this is the place for you. It has an old bridge that gets you feeling real real dangerous.

  • Cape Falcon Trailhead, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      Having spent so much time not around big bodies of water, the idea of a cape is so interesting to me. If you've got a landlocked background like me, take some time to get to Cape Falcon and the Cape Falcon trailhead. Really experience the feeling of being almost completely but not all the way surrounded by water.

  • Mount Hood, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      There are several ways up Mount Hood. One great hike in particular is the Mirror Lake trail. A great thing about the sheer size and adventure revolving around Mount Hood is that it is good for a great view and hike, but you're also able to make this a several-days trip, camp, stay somewhere, and really experience all of the trails in the area.

  • Silver Falls State Park, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      A trip outside of the Portland metro could take you to Silver Falls State Park. Here you can find the Trail of Ten Loops, which is about 8 miles long (for you Eminem fans), and it also comes with a brewery! (Woodburn)

  • Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge in Portland, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      This spot holds great hikes and obviously wildlife, but it also has one of Portland's longest cycling trials. If you're up for a bike & hike, this would be a great option for you. There are also hundreds of species of birds, so if you paired this with a good Oregon bird book, you could have an interesting time.

  • Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      Take a trip out to the Columbia River Gorge for excellent short or long hikes in the National Scenic area. Sprawling waterfalls, switchbacks up hill, and long, well-maintained paths down into the scenic area round out your hike here.

  • Forest Park in Portland, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      Forest Park is one of the largest urban forests in the country, and it's fitting that Portland would host it. Go for a hike or a run here, and see all of the things the forest is taking back over.

  • Mount Tabor Park Playground in Portland, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      This park is several things: a great place for kids, a beautiful park, and a good basecamp for your hikes. Here you can make your exact plan for how you want to hike on this extinct volcano, and there is even a dog park on the other side if you want to bring the pups.