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Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

A breathtaking natural area located in Oregon, known for its stunning cliffs, lush forests, and the mighty Columbia River flowing through.

Tips from the community

What appears to be fluffy puffs of trees decorated in muted oranges surrounded the picturesque Columbia River Gorge in the pacific northwest, is one of the most enchanting September fall foliage destinations off the beaten path. Warm antiquey vibes and fresh autumn air are sure to get you in a cozy mood for the months to come.

seeker 2 years ago

Take a trip out to the Columbia River Gorge for excellent short or long hikes in the National Scenic area. Sprawling waterfalls, switchbacks up hill, and long, well-maintained paths down into the scenic area round out your hike here.

rileyroberson 2 years ago

The Columbia River flows between Washington and Oregon. Starting in the west you will experience denser forests filled with waterfalls. As you make your way east you'll end up in the high desert of Washington/Oregon.

nicolejordan 3 years ago

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