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A golden pavilion temple in Kyoto, surrounded by serene gardens and reflecting in a tranquil pond, symbolizing extravagance in Zen Buddhism.

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While this is probably Kyoto’s busiest tourist spot, avoiding it would be such a mistake. Kinkaku-ji (or Temple of the Golden Pavilion, as it’s often known) is a tremendous site. Beyond the fact that its walls are shimmering gold, it also sits at the centre of a pond surrounded by lush green and black pine trees. It’s a stunning setting that feels like it was ripped right out of a storybook.

WillHarris 2 years ago

Kinkaku-Ji is a Buddhist temple famous for its glittering golden color- standing out from other traditional temples from the same era. This stunning destination is steeped in unique history, and surrounded by picturesque natural grounds, causing it to be one of the most visited temples in Kyoto.

madeleineray 2 years ago

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