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21 21 Design Sight

A visionary museum in Japan dedicated to exploring design's potential, curated by iconic figures in art and fashion.

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Tokyo City thrives on innovation, and there is no better place to see progress than at The 21 21 Design Sight. Created by fashion designer Issey Miyake and architect Tadao Ando, 21 21 Design Sight is, in concept and execution, “a place for researching the potentiality of design as an element that enriches our daily life, a place that fosters the public’s interest in design by arousing in them different sights and perspectives on how we can view the world and the objects surrounding us.” For art, fashion, and architecture lovers, 21 21 Design Sight Museum is a place to discover how design expands into all areas of our life on a global scale. 

madeleineray 3 years ago

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