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Audubon Park

A historic and popular urban green space, known for its lush gardens, ancient oak trees, scenic beauty, and diverse wildlife in New Orleans

Tips from the community

Stroll a park: New Orleans is home to many unique parks to check out (see my article on the best parks in New Orleans for recommendations). Take a day and visit some of them. My top picks: Audubon and City Park. Audubon is located Uptown across the street from both Tulane and Loyola Universities. Stroll along the footpaths and admire the Victorian mansions that line the park. Audubon also hosts yoga and other athletic activities throughout the week. City Park lies across Mid City and Bayou St. John and is one of the largest city parks in the United States. Walk the paths, check out the sculpture garden, and if you’re willing to spend a little money take out a swan boat or visit the NOMA.

kaylee 2 years ago

Audubon is the second largest park in New Orleans at 350 acres. It is located Uptown, is lined with lavish mansions, and borders both Tulane and Loyola Universities. Best of all, it’s an easy streetcar ride from the French Quarter. The park has an expansive foot path, but you can also go on horseback or borrow one of the city’s blue bikes. Audubon Park is also right next to the Audubon Zoo, an impressive place to check out animals right on the banks of the Mississippi.

kaylee 2 years ago

Easily one of the best parks in the city, Audubon Park encompasses a sprawling enclave of picturesque nature away from the city. Nothing is quite as beautiful as a rare look into the life of plants and animals, and Audubon Park is sure to inspire some truly unique photographs of their hidden world.

madeleineray 2 years ago

The oak lined, 1.8 mile path around the park is beautiful.

hiusa 2 years ago

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