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Tokyo's lively entertainment and red-light district known for its nightlife, bars, and host/hostess clubs.

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I have never felt more safe walking around a red-light district than wandering around Kabukicho in Tokyo. This red-light district is unique, since most of your propositions will be from incredibly dapper looking men who have no less than one can of hairspray holding up their perfected locks. It’s a bustling downtown area filled with izakayas (small bars), restaurants, and a plethora of adult establishments. This is no Amsterdam window shopping red-light district. Everything associated with sinful activities is placed behind a curtain that clearly states that no one under 18 is allowed inside. The only thing on public display are the photos of the men and women inside the establishment waiting to become your best friend for an hour (or an evening). Because everything is hidden behind curtains, the neighborhood is relatively innocent from the street and makes for quintessential Tokyo exploring in the evening.

laurenallain 2 years ago

Kabukicho is the famous red-light district of Tokyo, but the neighborhood is incredibly safe and a fun spot for any late-night drinking in the city. With interesting things to discover around every corner, including tiny themed bars, karaoke parlors, futuristic architecture, and even a Godzilla statue- Kabukicho is easily a must for anyone interested in contemporary Japanese culture and nightlife.

seeker 3 years ago

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