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A picturesque city at the foothills of the Rockies, renowned for outdoor activities, a vibrant university presence, and a strong tech scene.

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Boulder may not be a traditional ski town, but it is the perfect destination for those looking to experience the best of both worlds. Visitors can take a short drive from the city to hit the slopes at one of the world-class ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains. And, after a day on the mountain, they can explore the vibrant, college town atmosphere of Boulder with its restaurants, breweries, and outdoor activities.

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Boulder, Colorado is a super cool hippie town nestled in the mountains that's famous for its breathtaking views, chill vibe, and love of the great outdoors. The town is packed with artists, musicians, and eco-warriors who make it a hotbed of creativity and sustainability. There are tons of fun annual events to enjoy, like the film festival, creek festival, and Shakespeare festival that are perfect for soaking up the local culture.

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Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Boulder is an adventurous city that is perfect for exploring during the summertime. Along with having established museums and delicious restaurants, Boulder has numerous biking trails and hiking spots if you are feeling outdoorsy. We recommend trying the Boulder Creek Path, which is a picturesque trail that runs along with the sights of the city.

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Boulder, Colorado is a top cannabis-friendly destination for travelers seeking a laid-back vibe and picturesque mountain views. Visitors can explore dispensaries, smoke shops, and cannabis tours, and take advantage of Colorado's legalized cannabis laws. With its welcoming community and outdoor adventures, Boulder offers a unique and unforgettable experience for those seeking a cannabis-friendly vacation.

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Boulder Guides

  • Best date night spots in Boulder, CO

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    Boulder, Colorado, is the perfect backdrop for romance with its picturesque Flatirons and a vibrant dining scene that begs you to cozy up and indulge with that special someone. Whether you're looking for the intimate ambiance of a tucked-away bistro, the casual elegance of a top-tier farm-to-table establishment, or the excitement of a contemporary eatery with an adventurous menu, Boulder has a plethora of spots that are sure to dazzle on date night. Each venue offers a unique experience, blending Boulder's laid-back lifestyle with a touch of sophistication that will make any evening memorable. Let's dive into the best date night spots that this charming mountain town has to offer.
  • Hiking Guide to Colorado: The best trails for all levels

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    Colorado's rugged beauty is an open invitation for hikers from all walks of life, promising trails that meander through whispering aspen groves, scale the dizzying heights of the Rockies, and unveil panoramas that leave even the chattiest of adventurers speechless. Whether you're lacing up your boots for the first time or have more miles under your belt than a seasoned thru-hiker, we’ve got a slice of this mountain paradise just for you. Our hiking guide is brimming with routes that cater to every level of experience, ensuring that every step is packed with awe-inspiring views and that exhilarating sense of connection with nature. Let’s wander through the best trails Colorado has to offer, where every path promises its own unique blend of challenges and picturesque rewards.
  • Can friendly hotels

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  • Top Cannabis Friendly Hotels Around the World

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    If you are planning a 420 vacation then you need a 420-friendly hotel to match. From luxury resorts in California to Jamaican island paradise, we have selected some of the top cannabis-friendly hotels from around the world that provide world-class experiences. Whether you have a strict budget or are ready to ball out, here are our picks of the best 420 friendly hotels around the world.
  • Top CBD-friendly Spas

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    It's no wonder that CBD-infused wellness products and treats are popping up everywhere, cannabidiol induces relaxation, relieves pain, and has natural healing properties. From CBD-infused oil massages to skincare treatments, Spas have incorporated CBD to bring their services to an all-time high (pun intended). For the most luxurious CBD experiences, we have selected spas that offer an array of innovative wellness treatments- so get ready to enjoy the full benefits of natural remedies on your next getaway.
  • Best breweries throughout Colorado

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    If there's one thing that Colorado is renowned for, aside from its breathtaking Rocky Mountains and adventure-filled landscapes, it's the state's love affair with craft beer. With an atmosphere that marries outdoor enthusiasm with the joy of a perfectly brewed pint, Colorado has solidified its position as a beer enthusiast's haven. From innovative IPAs to robust stouts, the Centennial State boasts a thriving beer culture with breweries dotted across its scenic vistas. Each taproom comes with its own unique flair, offering not just a glass of beer but an immersive experience that captures the essence of the surrounding terrain and community. So, let's take a tour of the best breweries throughout Colorado, where the passion for craft beer is as endless as the state's bluebird skies.
  • Date night ideas in Carmel1

    travelfuntimes (Travel Funtimes )
    Looking for the perfect date night around Carmel? You're in luck! This charming city is brimming with romantic spots and activities that will help you create unforgettable memories with your significant other. From cozy, candlelit dinners to scenic outdoor adventures, there's a little bit of everything for couples seeking to add a spark of romance to their evening. Let's explore some of the most enchanting date night ideas that Carmel has to offer, ensuring your special night out is nothing short of magical.
  • Spilling the Tea. Best Tea Houses and High Tea in the US.

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  • Top U.S Cities For Cannabis-Friendly Vacations

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    Since 2012 countless states have legalized recreational marijuana use, with surely more to come in the future. As of 2021 here are our top picks for 420 tourist destinations with weed-friendly cafes, growing equipment stores, and an open-minded community. Enjoy laughing and eating amazing food while enjoying professionally hand-rolled joints with your friends, or for a chill afternoon by yourself in these top cannabis tourist destinations. From California to Vermont there is a place for you to unwind and get high across the nation.
  • Famous Ski Towns Around the World

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  • Best Locations for your Summer Getaway in the USA

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    Explore cosmopolitan San Francisco, relax along the coast of crystal clear turquoise waters in Florida, or discover the thriving art scene of historical Burlington, your vacation dreams are ready to be brought to life. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a month-long excursion, we have selected our top destinations in the US. These locations offer great weather, plenty of activities, family-friendly options, and picturesque scenery, so get ready- this summer is about to be awesome.
  • Hippie Towns in the US

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    With incredibly open-minded people and a bohemian atmosphere, we present our picks of the best hippie towns across the nation. Let your inner flower child out and enjoy 420 cafes in Portland, quirky art galleries in Colorado, eco-friendly activities in Olympia, and endless eclectic vibes at these awesome destinations for the free-spirited.