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Richardson Ocean Park

A serene oceanside park known for its black sand beach, tidal pools, and abundant marine life, ideal for snorkeling and family picnics.
  • 2355 Kalanianaole Avenue
  • (808) 961-8688

Tips from the community

Located just fifteen minutes outside of the city of Hilo, Richardson Beach Park is filled with sparkling black sand. But the black sand at this beach is interspersed with green grains as well. These flecks of green sand are olivine crystals that are naturally present in lava rock. While these olivine crystals can be found at most black sand beaches in the islands, they are especially prominent here. Richardson Beach Park also happens to be one of the best snorkeling spots on the Big Island. You can find colorful fish, sea urchins, turtles, and even the occasional dolphin. There are even lovely little tidepools that serve as the perfect place for children to look for sea creatures.

sarahetinas 2 years ago

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