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Tropical archipelago in the Pacific Ocean known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and unique volcanic landscapes.

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You have probably heard of Kona coffee, but the list of delectable Hawaiian brew stretches longer than you would expect. You can be sure to find boutique cafes, established breweries, coffee tours, tastings, and festivals almost year-round in this paradise destination. With established coffee producers tracing back almost a century, and the little-known fact that Hawaii is actually the only US state to produce coffee commercially, there’s no wonder Hawaiian coffee has taken the world by storm.

seeker 2 years ago

From May 11th, fully vaccinated travelers to Hawaii will be able to bypass the mandatory quarantine requirement set by the state. Hawaii has several uniquely beautiful and culturally rich islands to explore, along with pristine beaches, waves to surf, waterfalls to admire, and sprawling jungles to uncover. Enjoy the relaxed nature of this sunshine destination with some ice-cold Hawaiian shaved ice and your favorite fruity beverage.

seeker 3 years ago

Hawaii, known for its idyllic beaches and tropical climate, boasts of its unique culture, array of outdoor activities and world-famous attractions. Visitors can enjoy surfing, snorkeling, hiking, and exploring the lush scenery. With its breathtaking beauty and warm hospitality, Hawaii has been awarded a place on Forbes' Top 50 in Travel.

seeker 8 months ago

Hawaii is the only state in the US located in the Pacific Ocean. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, including pristine beaches, lush forests, and volcanoes. Visitors can also experience the unique Hawaiian culture, including traditional hula dances, delicious cuisine, and lei-making.

seeker 8 months ago

Hawaii Lists

  • Oahu Adventures

    sunrunnermedia (Steve "Shanghai" Brown)
    At the tail end of pandemic restrictions, we headed to Oahu - forced to use the credit for a trip we had to cancel in 2020 when Hawaii completely shut down tourism. It was worth the wait.
  • Ultimate Guide to Things to Do in Kona

    konalanding (Kona Landing )
    Kona: where adventure meets relaxation in a tropical paradise. From educational tours at an octopus farm to sipping on handcrafted brews at Kona Brewing Co, this list has something for every type of visitor. Dive into vibrant coral gardens at Two Step Beach, immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of Kona Farmers Market, and take a stroll along the iconic Ali'i Drive. Get ready to uncover the hidden gems and unforgettable experiences that make Kona a true haven of adventure and leisure. Here's our list of the best things to do in Kona, Hawaii!
  • Top things to do - on Oahu

    sunrunnermedia (Steve "Shanghai" Brown)
    My list of favorite places and things to do when visiting Oahu. While Oahu is more urban and densely populated than the other island, and it is at the bottom of my list for snorkeling, it offers an incredible variety of beaches, hikes, drives, surfing, history, culture, and food. This is the island for those who love great food and an incredible assortment of dining options.
  • Kid-friendly Waikiki

    chiefseeker (Jody Vandergriff)
    Planning a last minute trip to Oahu with the kids!
  • Big Island Recommendations

    karenday (Karen Dayan)
    After spending two 2 weeks trips on the big island - here are some of our favorites.
  • Waikiki Rooftop Bars

    chiefseeker (Jody Vandergriff)
    There is no better way to experience Waikiki than on a rooftop, where the breathtaking views of the ocean, dazzling sunsets, and cool island vibes come together to create an unforgettable experience. Nestled high above the bustling streets of Waikiki, these rooftop bars offer the perfect setting to sip on handcrafted cocktails, indulge in delicious bites, and soak in the panoramic vistas of the Hawaiian paradise. Here are my favorite rooftop bars in Waikiki, each with its own unique charm and allure, ensuring that your rooftop bar-hopping adventure is nothing short of extraordinary.
  • Kona’s Best Beaches

    konalanding (Kona Landing )
    Kona is a sun-kissed paradise where the ocean calls your name and the sandy shores await your arrival. Whether you're a snorkeling thrill-seeker or a beach bum who prefers to bask in the gentle caress of warm waves, these best Kona beaches promise an unforgettable, off-the-beaten-path experience unlike any other. So grab your towel, embrace the aloha spirit, and let the adventure begin!
  • Hotels Near Haleakalā National Park

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
  • Camping Near Haleakalā National Park

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
  • Our Favorite Restaurants for a Romantic Night Out in Kona

    konalanding (Kona Landing )
    Get ready to spice up your date night in Kona, Hawaii with our lineup of the best romantic restaurants. From beachfront seafood shacks to charming eateries with a touch of aloha spirit, get ready to wine, dine, and make some unforgettable memories with your special someone in the enchanting setting of Kona.
  • Best Eats Near Kona Landing

    konalanding (Kona Landing )
    Looking for a spot to grab a bite near Kona Landing? Look no further. From beachfront seafood to amazing Indian food, these culinary delights promise a mix of flavor, fun, and pure joy. So, grab your appetite and get ready to embark on a delicious escapade near Kona Landing that will leave you craving for more!
  • Favorite Spots for Live Music in Kona

    konalanding (Kona Landing )
    Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii, is not only known for its stunning beaches but also for its thriving live music scene. From local artists serenading beachgoers to renowned musicians at intimate venues, these are our favorite spots to catch live music in Kona.
  • A Week in Kauai

    nicolejordan (Nicole Jordan)
  • Maui Wowie

    karenday (Karen Dayan)
    Places we loved on Maui
  • Best Spots For Shave Ice in Kona

    konalanding (Kona Landing )
    Welcome to Kona: the tropical paradise on the western coast of Hawaii's Big Island where vibrant flavors and cool delights of shave ice await you. From the creatively-infused offerings at Gecko Girlz Shave Ice to the Scandinavian-inspired flavors at Scandinavian Shave Ice, prepare to indulge in a symphony of refreshing tastes. Join us as we explore the ultimate shave ice destinations in and around Kona!
  • Our Favorite Hikes Around Kona

    konalanding (Kona Landing )
    Lace up your hiking boots and get ready for a scenic hike in Kona, Hawaii! From breathtaking coastal trails to serene forest paths, these hikes offer a delightful mix of natural beauty and outdoor exploration. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or simply looking for a fun and low-key adventure, these trails will lead you to stunning vistas, hidden gems, and unforgettable experiences. Let's explore!
  • Wildlife sanctuaries in Hawaii

    wildlifeconnect (Wildlife Connect )
  • Things to do in Maui 2020

    chiefseeker (Jody Vandergriff)
    Planning a Covid-safe family trip to Maui
  • Maui, Hawaii

    jrpliner (Judy Pliner)
  • Best Beaches Of North America

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    Nothing says 'vacation' quite like a beach getaway, and we have *not* been able to stop thinking about what beach we want to visit next. These are our recent fave beaches across North America, and we have selected something for everyone. Whether you want to escape the crowds and explore pristine coastlines, are seeking crystal clear shimmering water to snorkel, or want an exciting family getaway full of sun & fun- we have found the place for you. Take a look through our selection of the best beaches in North America for some major vacay inspo, while we pretend we're lying beach-side with a fizzy drink in hand.

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