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Cafe Du Monde French Market

Iconic New Orleans coffee shop famous for beignets and chicory coffee, open 24/7 in the French Quarter.

Tips from the community

What’s a trip to New Orleans without sampling some of those famous beignets? Make your way over to the open-air Café du Monde and find a table where you can dig into this sweet French-inspired fried dough. This place will be swarmed in a matter of hours—usually around this time, however, there is little to no wait, so snag a seat while you can! Tip: Don’t wear black here as you’ll get powdered sugar all over! Order your beignets ($3) with a side of chicory coffee ($4). Cash only.

theblondeabroad 4 years ago

Tasty powdery beignets and hot chicory coffee. History like never before. What more can you ask for.

natachapierre 2 years ago

Pro-tip - hold your breathe when you take a bite of your beignets.

damck26 2 years ago

Beignets are a requirement.

mustangdmv 2 years ago

ugh ❤️

leah 2 years ago

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