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Samurai Museum

A cultural attraction in Shinjuku City showcasing Japan's ancient warrior class, featuring armor, weapons, and historical exhibits.

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This building is beyond awesome. While it’s cool to enjoy Japanese samurai movies and video games, see it all in person at the Samurai Museum. A place that’s calling all history buffs and nerds who are seeking unique things to do in Tokyo, the Samurai Museum provides tours all of the coolest weapons, armour, and art of the Sengoku period. You’ll even get a genuine demonstration of battle moves from a trained samurai.

WillHarris 3 years ago

Japan draws so many kinds of nerds, for so many reasons, and for those who aren’t anime or video game nerds, but rather keen history buffs, there’s the incredible Samurai Museum. This museum, situated in Kabukicho, offers hourly tours showing off ancient samurai armor and weapons and explaining the lives and stories of famous samurai and shoguns, such as Tokugawa Ieyasu and Oda Nobunaga. There’s even a demonstration of how to wield a katana by a classically trained samurai.

WillHarris 5 years ago

The Samurai Museum in Shinjuku City, Tokyo is a top museum in Asia that offers visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Japan's rich cultural history. Visitors can see authentic samurai armor and weaponry, learn about the samurai code of honor, and even participate in a samurai sword fighting experience. With knowledgeable guides and interactive exhibits, the Samurai Museum is a must-visit destination for history and martial arts enthusiasts alike.

seeker 1 year ago

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