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Gay Village

A vibrant LGBTQ+ hub in Montreal known for its nightlife, colorful streets, and welcoming atmosphere, featuring bars, restaurants, and boutiques.

Tips from the community

Founded in 2007 by Montréal’s sexual & gender diversity communities, Montréal Pride Festival, aka Festival Fierté Montréal, is now the largest Francophone pride 2020 gathering in the world. The organization’s primary mission is to “support and promote local communities while serving as a beacon of hope for people around the world who continue to battle injustice.” This year, Montréal Pride Festival will attract more than 2 million local and international visitors over two weeks of community, cultural and festive activities including free shows, panels, the Community Day and the oh-so-famous Pride Parade. Montréal Pride 2021: August 15 2021 Location: The Village Pro tip: The Parade kicks off on August 18th. The 2.7 km route will “symbolically link the old and the new,” departing from the former west end LGBTQ+ sector to arrive at the very heart of the new Gay Village. The parade will begin at Metcalfe Street and end on Alexandre-DeSève Street. This year, the parade’s theme will highlight the color violet, which “evokes dreams, gentleness and peace.”

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The geographic centerpiece of Montréal LGBTQ+ culture, the eclectic Gay Village is animated in dazzling rainbow colors. This welcoming and festive quarter of Montréal is well known for having the best party scene in the city. Complete with a patchwork of iconic nightlife spots that stay open late into the night and an annual Pride parade, Montréal’s Gay Village is the best destination for anyone looking to dance the night away. During the daytime, grab a cup of coffee at the rainbow-hued and quirky Graine Brulee, and then explore the open-air festivities, fashion boutiques, antique shops, and eateries that line the Gay village’s stretch of Sainte-Catherine Street. Sample the best elusive ice cream cone in the city at Sachère, a hidden gem with aromatic ice cream and delectable vegan pastries, and then finish your day with some authentic Montréal flair and witness a live performance at the iconic Cabaret Mado

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Since the 1980s, Montreal's famous Gay Village has developed into a safe, colorful hub of fun for the LGBTQ+ community. The neighborhood features countless gay-owned businesses, no-car pedestrian-friendly roads, and a thriving nightlife. Montreal has countless LGBTQ+ events throughout the year and is always a friendly and safe destination for any queer travelers seeking delicious food, rainbow-painted streets, and excellent parties.

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