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A chic gastropub offering inventive Southern cuisine, creative cocktails, and a lively atmosphere for both locals and tourists.

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Food Tour: Doctor Gumbo Tour - One of my absolute favorite parts of New Orleans is the food - it’s all just so good. Yet If you’re here for a weekend or even a week it can be impossible to experience all of the culinary wonders of this city. The best way to get an immersive taste of the best dishes NOLA has to offer is to take a tour. Doctor Gumbo does it best. The $70 walking tour includes dishes from 5 different establishments ranging from gumbo to pralines, tales of dynastic restaurant families like the Brennans, and expert recommendations on where to eat on your future dining endeavors.

kaylee 2 years ago

Part of the Brennan Family dynasty, SoBou is a well-known place among tourists and is usually a destination on the list before you arrive in town. They take the traditional puffy pastry of the city and infuse it with combinations that keep everyone coming back. When it comes to the Duck and Sweet Potato Beignets that is just the tip of their culinary abilities. Reservations are available online and are highly recommended.

ls 2 years ago

Made it to Memphis for TravelCon!!

chiefseeker 2 years ago

SoBou Guides

  • The 12 Best City Tours in New Orleans

    kaylee (Kaylee Giacomini)
    Whenever I check out a new city I like to orient myself with the local landmarks and culture by embarking on a city tour. Moving to New Orleans presented me with the conflicting identity of not necessarily being a tourist, yet not exactly being a local either. I believe that it’s important to be a tourist in your own city - to get to know it inside out and understand why it’s so beloved. Unsure how to do this? The best way to start is to take a tour. In my years living in New Orleans, I’ve had the privilege of taking quite a few; here are my favorites.
  • Best Beignets in New Orleans

    ls (L S)
    New Orleans is one of the hottest spots for tourists, musicians and street performers in the south. It's known for its lively atmosphere, exquisite food and southern charm. I would suggest more than a day trip to see all the great things that Nola has to offer, but I have to insist that you start off—and possibly end— the trip with an authentic Big Easy Beignet. This local Cajun promises you won't regret it!