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A bustling commercial district known for its steep hill, vibrant nightlife, and as a hub for youth fashion and entertainment in a major metropolis.

Tips from the community

Nestled into the dense neighborhood of Shibuya lies Love Hotel Hill. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a few streets on a hill that serve as love hotels. What’s a love hotel, you ask? It’s a hotel for love, duh. In Japan, it’s common to live with your entire family until you get married. Even then, you and your new spouse may be shacking up with a few relatives. And you may all be sleeping in the same room. Romantic, huh? Cue the love hotel. It’s available hourly or for the night. Popular with the dating crowd and those having affairs, it’s a sight to wander the streets, check out the hourly rates, watch the lovebirds walk by, or maybe stay in one for yourself.

laurenallain 1 year ago