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A vibrant desert city famed for its rich Southwestern culture, scenic surrounding mountains, and status as a leading astronomy center.

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Begun in the artist community more than three decades ago, the All Souls Procession is not exclusively a Day of the Dead parade, but it is a strong component of the parade. The two-mile All Souls Procession features a giant urn where parade-goers can place their paper messages before they are burned at the conclusion of the parade. Coordinated by nonprofit Many Mouths One Stomach, the event on November 6, 2022 includes the Ancestors Project in which photos of loved ones are projected during the finale.

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  • Wildlife Sanctuaries in Arizona

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  • Women-Owned Lodging and Accommodations in the US

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    <p>Looking for a place to stay? Check out this list of woman-owned lodging, accommodations, and even aggregators to help you find the next place to visit.</p>
  • Women-Owned Lodging and Accommodations in the US

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  • Top Kid Friendly Activities in Mesa, Arizona

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    Mesa, Arizona, is a treasure trove of adventure for families seeking that perfect blend of education and entertainment. With a landscape brimming with interactive museums, picturesque parks, and wildlife experiences, this sunny destination ensures that the young (and the young at heart!) won't be short of smiles or surprises. Whether you're looking to beat the heat with some indoor fun or explore the great outdoors, Mesa's got you covered. Let's dive into the top kid-friendly activities that will make your family’s stay in Mesa as memorable as it is delightful!
  • Spilling the Tea. Best Tea Houses and High Tea in the US.

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  • Copper State Beer Fest 2024

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    <p>Craft beer lover? Join us at the Copper State Beer Festival on Jan 13th! Join our check-in challenge with digital badges and a chance to be the ultimate beer champion. Not into beer? We've got wine, spirits, and more! Premium beverages, food trucks, and live entertainment await. Get ready for outdoor fun!</p><p>How does this work? Simple! Sip your way to success! For every 5 sips, snag a digital badge. Hit 10 sips and claim your medal redemption at the Visit Mesa booth. It's that easy! </p><p>**Must check-into all 6 Mesa &amp; Queen Creek Based Vendors to redeem your medal:</p><p>• AZ Distilling Co.</p><p>• Barrio Brewing</p><p>• Chupacabra Taproom</p><p>• Cider Corps</p><p>• Old Ellsworth Brewing</p><p>• Phantom Fox Brewing</p><p>**Redeem your medal at the Visit Mesa booth</p>
  • Travel Ideas For A Father's Day Getaway

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    These are the perfect backdrops for some major one-on-one time with pops, from the sweeping vineyards of Napa Valley to the dynamic desert landscapes of Tuscon. Set up father's day the right way- fine wine, golfing, and camping trips. Check out our picks for the best getaway spots to whisk your dad away on a real adventure.
  • Summer Vacation Spots Without The Beach

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    Summer vacation is often described with pristine sandy beaches, salty ocean water, and the *constant* smell of sunscreen, well, if that's not your cup of tea then we have the list for you. While we are fans of beach life, we also love to step away from the seaside crowds and experience something new, from buzzing metropolitan cities at the center of culture and modern life to vast sandy deserts dripping in gorgeous hues of neon orange- there are a number of exciting summer adventures waiting for you, beach not included.
  • Places about Songs...NO, Songs about Places

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    I love music. I listen to it every moment I can, so I decided to make a list about Places mentioned in songs. YOU are more than welcome to help out with this list, since there are a lot of songs out there! ♥️

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  • Saguaro National Park: The Complete Guide for 2023

    “Do whatever you want” – the Saguaro cactus. Pronounced “suh·waa·row,” these tree-like blossoming desert cacti are kind of hard to define. They can live 200 years. They can grow up to 49 arms. But there’s no pressure, so some of them don’t grow any arms at all. Some Saguaros spend 10 years growing only two […]