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Tokyo's vibrant tech hub, famous for electronics stores, anime culture, maid cafes, and otaku goods.

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Akihabara, the electric city, is a hodgepodge collection of anime and gaming culture, kawaii culture, and old-timey electronic stores. One of the most fascinating areas in the city- spend the morning at an arcade, grab some creamy omurice at a maid cafe, and finish the day by exploring vintage electronic stores. Along with iconically being *the place* to go for maid cafes, Akihabara is an overflowing, eccentric, cultural powerhouse.

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  • Tokyo 2020: Top 10 Sights In The City

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    The Olympics have sparked the planning for our next big Tokyo adventure, and while we can’t go right now- we are living vicariously through making lists. Nothing like the eclectic mix of old and new, with ancient shrines and electric cities overflowing in second-hand electronics and *kawaii*. Tokyo city is fascinating, colorful, and full of endless discovery, as you will quickly notice while we take you through these bucket-list-worthy spots throughout the city.
  • Top Destinations in Tokyo

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    Tokyo is one of the most exciting cities you can visit in the world. Along with the pure electricity of bustling streets and neon lights, Tokyo has plenty of open parks, and chances to get a taste of traditional Japanese culture. You can sip sake underneath pink blooming cherry blossoms in Ueno Park, and get lost in the kawaii pop culture of Harajuku, Tokyo has endless amounts of fun activities for the entire family to fill up your itinerary.

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  • The Best Art Museums & Galleries in Tokyo

    As you explore the winding roads of Tokyo—small alleyways lined with lanterns, bustling walkways beneath neon signs, gardens dotted with cotton-candy pink cherry blossom trees—you’re bound to stumble upon some of the best art in the city. Tokyo has an abundance of world-class art museums and galleries, featuring everything from cutting-edge, contemporary exhibits to ancient […]