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By night Sofia is probably the best Italian restaurant in the city, but their brunch cannot be overlooked. First of all, they have bottomless aperol spritz. Need I say more? As for the food, they have your classic Italian fare plus some brunch favorites. Try the eggs in purgatory, the breakfast pizza, or their take on shrimp and grits - shrimp and polenta. Trying to appease your friends who don’t eat breakfast? They have traditional pizza and pasta served all day too. There’s something for everyone at Sofia.

kaylee 2 years ago

Sofia is a higher end Italian restaurant in the heart of the CBD. They have amazing dishes throughout the day, but do a remarkable and non-traditional weekend brunch. The establishment trades out typical mimosas for bottomless aperol spritz and offers a curated selection of classic breakfast options with an Italian spin. Try their eggs in purgatory, ricotta pancakes, or creamy shrimp and polenta. They also offer traditional dinner fare along with their brunch menu; you can never go wrong with pizza and pasta.

kaylee 2 years ago

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