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‘Awahua Beach

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While most people know about the four main Hawaiian Islands–the Big Island, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai–the small island of Molokai, and consequently the beautiful ‘Awahua Beach, have somehow managed to slip under the radar. Unlike all of the other black sand beaches on this list, ‘Awahua Beach’s dark sand actually isn’t from lava rock. It’s instead from dark sandstone, which makes it particularly unique. Like many of the best things to see on Molokai, ‘Awahua Beach is very secluded. You’ll actually have to hike or ride a mule through an old, (mostly) uninhabited leprosy colony on the Kalaupapa Peninsula to reach this black sand beach. If you’re unfamiliar with the island, you’ll likely have to take a tour to access ‘Awahua Beach.

sarahetinas 2 years ago

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