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Nara Park

A famous Japanese deer sanctuary featuring ancient temples, Shinto shrines, and hundreds of freely roaming sika deer.

Tips from the community

Most people come to Nara for its park, and it is honestly enough of a reason! Nara park is filled with wild deer roaming the paths and lush green grass. They’re friendly, sweet and kind (especially if you have a snack in hand!) You can visit one of a hundred vendors who will sell you a bundle of crackers for ¥100, and the deer absolutely love them. So here’s the scoop: go up to a deer, cracker in hand, and bow to it. The deer will bow back, and then you feed it the cracker. And of course, make sure to get it on film. One of the most historically important buildings in all of Japan is also one of the most beautiful. Todai-ji temple houses the nation’s largest bronze buddha statue, is complete with a pagoda, enormous, lavishly decorated gates, and a belfry. Best of all, it sits smack dab in Nara Park, where deer roam around the temple freely. There may not be a more tranquil and awe-inspiring temple on Earth, honestly.

WillHarris 3 years ago