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I first visited the decadent champagne bar Effervescence on the recommendation of a NOLA TikTok star (follow @alexx_robinson for expert recommendations). Alex didn’t let me down. Their Sunday brunch menu changes weekly, but is hand curated by their chef for a classy dining experience often featuring champagne and caviar. On February 6 (the day I wrote this list) the featured brunch is 2 courses for $38 per person with an avocado citrus salad and steak and eggs. The following week they have caviar & bagel brunch.

kaylee 2 years ago

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  • The 14 Best Brunch Spots in New Orleans

    kaylee (Kaylee Giacomini)
    New Orleans has some of the best culinary experiences in the United States, so as expected they have phenomenal brunch options across the city. Whenever I have friends or family visiting I always take them to one of my favorite spots to enjoy a decadent, long breakfast that can last hours if done just right. From jazz buffets to bottomless vodka New Orleans does brunch exceptionally well.