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Kawaii Monster Cafe

A vibrant themed cafe in Tokyo offering a unique visual and dining experience with a blend of cute, colorful, and slightly surreal decor.

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One of the most wildly-instagrammed things to do in Japan, the Kawaii Monster Cafe is a ludicrously-designed place with silly creatures adorning every wall, doorway, table, and chair. The servers are dressed up in lavish, adorable outfits, and the food is the brightest, most colorful cuisine you’re likely to see in your lifetime. Eating here is akin to taking part in the Mad Hatter’s tea party, if that party were held in the brain of a six-year-old girl. An incredible experience. Traveling beyond Tokyo? Check out our complete guide to things to do in Japan.

WillHarris 5 years ago

If you’re looking for some serious fun in one of the biggest cities in Japan, check out this seriously amazing restaurant in Tokyo. This café is all about aesthetic. Its ethos is simple: how much cuteness can you stomach before you can’t take any more? They’ve pushed this question as far as it can safely go, with an overabundance of adorable monsters and creatures filling the café, serving you drinks, and entertaining you. The food is great, too.

WillHarris 2 years ago

Kawaii Monster Cafe is one of the most famous restaurants in all of Tokyo. The cafe is designed with bright colors and structures of characters along with neon lights to make you feel as though you truly just walked into wonderland with Alice. The sweets here are 100% worth the higher price, they have huge colorful sundaes, cakes, and drinks designed to make you feel like you are an evil scientist experimenting in a lab.

madeleineray 3 years ago

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