Indonesia West Nusa Tenggara Regency

Mount Rinjani

A colossal volcanic peak in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, known for its awe-inspiring beauty and rugged terrain.

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Bali’s big bro is the island of Lombok. You can hardly miss it on account of the hulking tops of Mount Rinjani. That’s a 3,726-meter-high volcano that’s actually the second tallest in all of Indo. Those backpacking southeast Asia make the trip across to Lombok specifically to hit up its summit. Be warned: it’s not a walk in the park. For starters, it takes at least two days to complete and there are climbing sections up scree ridges and volcanic chutes. The rewards are stunning views over to the Isle of the Gods, across the Bali Sea, and down to flooded craters far beyond the clouds.

jrfrancis 2 years ago

12,224 ft; 3,726 m; November 2017; Sam & Zack; 11,040 ft elevation gain; 22 mi from Sembalun to Senaru

nicolejordan 3 years ago

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