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Batu Bolong Beach

A scenic surf spot in Badung, Bali, known for its rocky outcrop with a hole, strong waves, and vibrant sunsets.
  • Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong

Tips from the community

Batu Bolong isn't my favorite for swimming, but I live right by it and it's a known gathering spot among everyone who lives in Canggu. It always has buzzy vibes between surfers, dog walkers, and plenty of influencers doing hilarious shit for their Instagram stories. Lol.

sarahlempa 3 years ago

Batu Bolong Beach has fat, easy-going waves that are perfect for beginners and longboarders. The waves can range from 2-10 feet but seldom get bigger than 7 feet. This beach is a really fun place for first-timer surfers and beginner groups.

the.vagrant.optimist 3 years ago

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