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Santa Fe

A historic southwestern city known for its rich indigenous culture, art scene, and adobe-style architecture nestled in the mountains.

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Santa Fe is a lively and vibrant city that provides the perfect destination for spring break vacations without overcrowding. The city is characterized by its stunning weather, turquoise skies, breathtaking landscapes, and numerous outdoor recreational activities that attract visitors of all ages. Visitors can indulge in various cultural attractions, explore the vibrant art scene, and enjoy the city's rich history and traditions while avoiding the crowds.

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As the capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe is rich in culture and history. Its distinctive adobe architecture, vibrant arts scene, and diverse cuisine make it a fascinating destination for visitors. From exploring the historic Santa Fe Plaza to hiking in the nearby mountains, there are plenty of activities to keep travelers busy in this charming southwestern city.

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- Santa Fe by Beirut

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