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Shark’s Cove

A tranquil snorkeling and diving spot with clear waters, abundant marine life, and natural pools, ideal for families and underwater enthusiasts.

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A popular place for snorkeling (one of very few on Oahu). We were there at low tide, and found that not very conducive to snorkeling, especially when we found we could just go out, sit on a rock, and watch all kinds of fish swimming by. A nice stop, but often crowded. Parking Tip: Parking fills up quick at the Shark's Cove park, but there is another park segment just to the south where it's easier to find parking, and it's a very short walk to the cove from there. Pay Attention Tip: During whale season (December to May) you can often catch a glimpse of the kohola, or humpback whale off the coast here. We were entertained for quite a while by watching a number of whales do whalefully frolicky things like slapping their tails and spouting. It was incredible how many haoles just walked right by and didn't notice the show, but we loved seeing them in action.

sunrunnermedia 2 years ago

While there are a couple of awesome snorkeling spots on the North Shore, Shark’s Cove is the perfect place to snorkel with kids. Even though the water remains shallow, you can say hello to colorful fish, sea cucumbers, and sea urchins. If you head to the less kid-friendly section of Shark’s Cove (outside of the rocky outcropping), you’ll also have a chance to see other cool sea creatures, like turtles and lobsters! It is important to note that you should not snorkel at Shark’s Cove in the winter, due to the season’s large waves. 

sarahetinas 3 years ago

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