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Banzai Pipeline

A legendary surf spot renowned for its massive winter waves and perfect tubes, a fixture on the professional surfing circuit.
  • 59-473 Ke Waena Road

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Each winter, the best surfers from all around the world come to the North Shore of Oahu to surf the epic waves. While there are many beaches along the coast that have prime surfing conditions, Banzai Pipeline, or simply Pipeline, is known as the best of them all. In the winter, the waves at Pipeline often reach 20-40 feet (which is 40-80 feet for anyone not from Hawaii–we measure wave size differently). Thanks to these massive waves, Pipeline hosts quite a few surf competitions each season, the most popular one being Billabong Pipe Masters. It’s important to note that, unless you’re an extremely experienced surfer, you should not surf at Pipeline in the winter (or at any other beach on the North Shore, for that matter).

sarahetinas 3 years ago

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