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Gothic Quarter

Historic district in Barcelona, famed for medieval streets, Roman remnants, and the stunning Barcelona Cathedral.

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Picasso’s family eventually moved from Barceloneta to the winding medieval streets of the Gothic Quarter. The first flat they moved into was demolished to make room for a cathedral dedicated to La Mercè, the patron saint of Barcelona, which still stands today. Picasso would practice sketching the buildings along Carrer de la Mercè, including the recognizable dome of this exact church while it was still under construction.
The Gothic Quarter was a ripe place of exploration for a young Picasso. His father rented various studios for the budding artist beginning in 1896. While you can’t actually enter these studios, as they’re either still in use or demolished, you can imagine the daily routine of the young painter that once trollied through these same narrow alleyways everyday. Many of the buildings of studios he bounced around still exist, such as those at Carrer de la Plata, 4 and Carrer dels Escudellers Blancs, 2. 
Finally, head down to the Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya at Plaça Nova, 5 in front of the soaring Barcelona Cathedral. The friezes of this façade were created by Norwegian artist Carl Nesjar in 1960 from original sketches made by Picasso. Three separate sides of the building display different scenes at one of the busiest intersections in the city in which the Avinguda del Portal d’Angel leads to Plaça Catalunya and the narrow Carrer dels Boters makes its way to La Rambla.

braedentg 2 years ago

The oldest part of Barcelona is the Gothic Quarter, a labyrinth of cobbled alleys and hidden squares. The entire area is a remarkably preserved piece of medieval history; walk through its heart and there’s seemingly no end to the secrets you’ll reveal. Tapas bars that haven’t changed in hundreds of years lie side by side with creative boutique stores and designer hotels. And don’t miss the Catedral de Barcelona either.

jimmytayles 4 years ago

The Gothic Quarter or Barrio Gótico is one of the best spots to get lost in Barcelona. The entire area brings you back and time and offers limitless corners and alleys to get lost in. And of course, you’ll find some smaller museums and beautiful churches on your stroll.

jasmineagbhow 2 years ago

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