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The Beehive House in Salt Lake City is a historic home that was once the official residence of Brigham Young. Built in 1854, the house is named for the beehive sculpture that sits atop its roof, which is a symbol of industry and thrift. Today, the Beehive House is a museum and offers visitors a chance to see what life was like for one of Utah's most prominent residents during the mid-19th century.

seeker 1 year ago

The Beehive House was the home of Brigham Young, leader of the first group of settlers in Utah and 2nd president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This beautiful, historic home is reminiscent of Southern architecture with its large porches, tall pillars, and beautiful gardens. It’s named after the beehive sculpture sitting on top of the house.

emmabarfus 1 year ago

Brigham Young, maybe the most famous Mormon of all, and founder of Salt Lake City, once lived in this beautifully preserved house with (some) of his (many) wives, and a lot of his 57 children. It's now a house museum with free tours on the daily.

amy.mac 1 year ago

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