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Chiang Mai

Northern Thai city known for its walled old town, temples, night markets, and gateway to hill tribe villages and elephant sanctuaries.

Tips from the community

Perhaps the best-known Songkran celebration in Thailand is in the northern city of Chiang Mai. Thought to be where the Songkran festival originated, celebrations here last an average of six days. Head towards the Tha Phae Gate, the heart of the city and the water-fight festivities, and make sure you don’t miss the procession of the Phra Phuttha Sihing, one of the most revered images of the Buddha. As it parades through the city, join the locals in bathing the statue for good fortune! While you’re in Chiang Mai, it’s definitely worth visiting the Wat Phra Singh, one of the city’s most revered temples. You’re sure to catch some local Thai folk dancing and performances, as well as sacred Buddha bathing rituals performed by local monks. Kate & Hasu – This small but charming boutique hotel, complete with great views from the rooftop terrace, is in a wonderful location: just about a 10-minute walk to the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar and around 5 minutes from the central Tha Phae Gate. Away Resorts & VillasAway Resorts & Villas is a vegan-friendly resort that boasts a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere and is still just moments away from the bustling centre of Chiang Mai’s Old Town. 

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Chiang Mai is the stuff of Southeast Asia backpacking legend. It’s Thailand’s second city and you’ll find it tucked into the jungle-covered hills deep in the north of the country. It perfectly melds the old and the new Land of Smiles. The wood-carved cottages and moat-rimmed ancient walls hearken back to the days of the Lanna kingdom. Then come the rows of cocktail joints and the hip coffee roasteries where digital nomads tap away on laptops. After dark, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is a must. It unfolds just outside the main town with electronics hawkers, spice emporiums, budget Thai food, candle shops, jewelry sellers – you name it.

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Chiang Mai deserves to be called the epicenter of digital nomadism in Southeast Asia. This northern Thai city is top rated among digital nomads, which has resulted in even more local resources for the community. It’s a suitable place for beginners due to the ease of life, affordability, and community vibes. With markets, mountains, temples, and more, you won’t be bored on your days off. Be sure to check the air quality before planning your trip, as pollution levels have been elevated recently. Cost of living: $1,059 USD per month WiFi: 20 mbps

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