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Giovanni's Shrimp Truck

Popular food truck known for its garlicky shrimp plates, offering a quintessential island roadside dining experience.

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During your time on the North Shore, you’ll inevitably see quite a few shrimp trucks, due to the shrimp farming industry in the little town of Kahuku. For decades, there has been a rivalry between three of the main shrimp trucks in the area: Giovanni’s, Fumi’s, and Romy’s. Each of these eateries puts its own spin on the shrimp, and, while everyone has a preference, there is no clear winner in this competition. You simply have to try all three to pick your favorite.

sarahetinas 3 years ago

Kind of a must-stop for hungry wanderers on the North Shore. Giovanni's is a - pardon me - THE - food truck visitors must seek out on Oahu. Their scampi plate is piled high with tasty garlicky shrimp, locally sourced, of course. They're located in a food truck park of sorts, so if shrimp ain't your thing, or you want to add to that pile o' shrimp, you've got plenty of choices. Don't let the yellow jackets steal your shrimp!

sunrunnermedia 2 years ago

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