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Nakano Broadway

A shopping complex in Tokyo renowned for its vast array of niche shops, especially for anime, manga, and collectibles.

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Exit Nakano station on the north side and walk straight into the magical shopping arcade. Along your walk, you can burn your entire mouth on some takoyaki, which are kind of like savory Japanese pancakes but in meatball form with octopus inside (Tako means octopus in Japanese). But the true magic here is after you enter the main building and begin the multi-floor maze of every toy or trinket you could imagine. This is all of the stuff that no one ever needs, but everything we have to have. A Pokemon figurine, an ancient Hamburglar toy from a McDonalds’ Happy Meal, or a button from when Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983  — it’s all here. If you’re not in the market for purchasing an old toy, think of this as an all-encompassing toy museum.

laurenallain 5 years ago

Nakano Broadway is very similar to Akihabara, but definitely lesser-known. In fact, while most tourists flock to Akihabara for their games, anime, and action figures, local Tokyoites are shopping in Nakano Broadway for all the same items (just found in a non-touristy space, with just as much variety and often slightly cheaper prices). The space is an indoor shopping center with cafes, restaurants, and video game and anime stores. (Accessible via the Asakusa, Ginza, and Tozai subway lines)
One of the most beautiful and up-market areas in Tokyo draws in more than just foodies and sightseers: it also has a few things for the travelling nerd to discover and enjoy.

WillHarris 5 years ago

Nakano Broadway is an iconic shopping complex located near Nakano station on the edge of Shinjuku city. This vintage mall has hundreds of small stores dedicated to vintage clothes, anime collectibles, video game merchandise, and plenty of delicious restaurants. Nakano is a culturally rich area outside of the shopping complex, with plenty of jewelers, boutiques, small art galleries, and other unique finds, Nakano area is a hidden gem you cannot miss.

madeleineray 3 years ago

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