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Mammoth Lakes

A high-altitude resort town in the Eastern Sierra, known for its ski slopes, mountain biking trails, and proximity to natural hot springs.

Mammoth Lakes Guides

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    This summer we are hitting the open road in an RV and exploring California’s National Parks and the coast.
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    So what is in your dream winter ski getaway? Riveting and adventurous outdoorsy fun, endless marshmallow-like snow decorating forested mountaintops, and cozy resorts complete with any amenity you can imagine? Us too. These stunning resorts across North America truly have it all, and whether you are looking for excitement or just some r&r, from British Columbia in Canada to Colorado, USA, these gorgeous destinations are just waiting to be explored.
  • 10 Most Scenic RV Campsites in California

    gocamp (GoCamp )
    <p>California truly spoils outdoor enthusiasts with its jaw-dropping landscapes and vast natural beauty. If you're looking to park your camper van rental in places where you'll find yourself waking up to breathtaking views right outside your door, then you're in for a treat. From the rugged coastlines of Big Sur to the serene alpine settings of the High Sierra and the iconic vistas of the Yosemite Valley, the Golden State has an array of campsites that offer way more than just a spot to roast marshmallows. Whether you're a seasoned backpacker or just someone looking to escape the city lights for a weekend under the stars, these scenic campsites across California will elevate your camping experience to new heights (sometimes quite literally!). Let's explore the camper van campgrounds that promise unforgettable outdoor adventures and serene natural beauty that will have your Instagram feed brimming with the envy of all your friends.</p>
  • A Road Trip from Yosemite to Death Valley

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    <p>Embarking on a California road trip from the majestic cliffs of Yosemite to the sunny sands of Death Valley is like flipping through the most diverse pages of nature's grand portfolio. Picture this: one day you're gazing in awe at the towering granite monoliths and cascading waterfalls of Yosemite Valley, and the next, you're wandering amidst the alien landscapes of the lowest and driest national park in North America. This is no ordinary camper van journey; it's a transition between extremes, an exploration that really puts into perspective the magnificence and diversity of the natural wonders our world has to offer. Rent your camper van and buckle up for an adventure that takes you from the cool, forest-clad Sierra Nevada to the stark and mesmerizing beauty of the Mojave Desert.</p>
  • High Sierra Road Trip: All the places to spot along the way

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    Embarking on a road trip through High Sierra is like stepping into a boundless adventure book, where every turn of the page reveals a new, awe-inspiring chapter. This majestic region is a canvas painted with soaring peaks, alpine meadows, and crystal-clear lakes, just waiting for you to discover its secrets. From the ancient forests of Sequoia National Park to the otherworldly landscapes of Mono Lake, we've rounded up an irresistible list of spots that will captivate your heart and spark your wanderlust. Buckle up, because each site on this journey promises breathtaking views and unforgettable memories that are just around the next bend.
  • California National Park Roadtrip: All the best spots to stop along the way

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    Pack your bags and get ready for an epic road trip through the Golden State's most breathtaking landscapes. From the towering trees of Sequoia National Park to the serene vistas of Point Reyes National Seashore, our California National Park road trip guide covers all the must-see spots to fuel your wanderlust. Whether you're a seasoned hiker looking for your next challenge or a nature lover in search of tranquil beauty, this journey has something for everyone. Buckle up, and let's hit the road, taking in the dazzling array of ecosystems and unforgettable experiences each stop along the way has to offer.
  • Summer 2020 Roadtrip

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    This summer we are hitting the road in an RV and exploring the National and State parks of California.
  • US Natural Gems

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