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Devils Postpile National Monument

An iconic natural wonder featuring unique basalt columns formed from an ancient lava flow, located in the Eastern Sierra of California.

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On a California National Parks Road trip, a visit to Devil's Postpile National Monument offers a remarkable detour to witness one of the world's finest examples of columnar basalt. Nestled near Mammoth Mountain in Eastern California, this geological wonder, featuring towering hexagonal columns formed from a lava flow, provides a unique contrast to the state's more famous landscapes. It's an ideal spot for hikers, with trails leading to the Postpile itself and onwards to Rainbow Falls, adding a touch of volcanic heritage to the diverse array of natural beauty found throughout California's national parks.

gocamp 6 days ago

Devils Postpile National Monument, located in California's eastern Sierra Nevada mountains near Mammoth Lakes, is a convenient and awe-inspiring stop on a road trip from Yosemite to Death Valley National Parks. This unique geological formation features a rare sight of columnar basalt that was created by a lava flow and later revealed by glacial activity. Visitors traveling between the vast wilderness of Yosemite and the extreme desert landscapes of Death Valley will find Devils Postpile to be a fascinating contrast and a highlight in the diverse tapestry of California's natural wonders.

gocamp 6 days ago

Devils Postpile National Monument is an essential stop on any California National Park road trip, particularly for those fascinated by unique geological features. Located near Mammoth Lakes in Eastern California, this remarkable formation showcases towering basalt columns that were created by a lava flow less than 100,000 years ago. Hikers can also take a detour to the stunning Rainbow Falls, adding to the natural allure as they journey through California's diverse landscapes.

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