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A scenic lakeside city in Vermont known for its vibrant college culture, outdoor activities, and being a hub of craft breweries and local artistry.

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Burlington, Vermont is a laid-back college town nestled in the heart of New England. Home to a thriving craft beer scene and diverse local food culture, Burlington also happens to be a cannabis-friendly destination. Its progressive laws allow both medical and recreational users to enjoy the state's natural beauty and wealth of outdoor activities with ease. From hiking in the Green Mountains to exploring Lake Champlain, Burlington offers a unique and welcoming experience for visitors looking for a cannabis-friendly vacation.

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Located on the shores of Lake Champlain, Burlington is an old-school hippie town known for its natural beauty, progressive values, and thriving arts scene. Come for the outdoor access, stay for the Bread and Puppet Theater (a political puppet theater that was founded in 1963.and known for its avant-garde, social/political performances), local food cooperatives, and art festivals (Burlington Discover Jazz Festival and the South End Art Hop, to start!).

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There is always something to discover around the corner in Burlington. Along with a burgeoning art scene, world-class restaurants, and top shopping, Burlington is a university town that is easily walkable with exciting events popping up every week. Walk along the historical streets downtown and make the most of the relatively cool summer days offered in this charming city.

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Burlington is a small city with a big reputation for beer. The city is home to several notable breweries, including Magic Hat Brewing Company and The Alchemist. Beer lovers can enjoy a variety of styles, from fruity IPAs to smooth stouts.

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